As we are now well into the New Year and all thoughts of holiday celebrations have been relegated to the family photo collection, it is time to pause and give thought to those resolutions so many of us have proclaimed publicly, or wistfully scribbled in a diary/typed in our cell phone notes app.

Those who keep track and study such behaviors claim that some resolutions are dead in the water by January 31st.  Perhaps this is because some of these resolutions are for the “coming year” and living them day to day can somehow be put-off or forgotten.  But we can really only live each day one at a time.  Living them now and in the everyday of “nows” can be somehow daunting. A big commitment…

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to say this: we just have to keep going.

That means if we are moving to a healthier diet or exercise program, we actually have to keep sticking to that program every day, one day at a time.  And then all those one-day-at-a-times will eventually become a month.  And as we keep going they will become 6 months, then a year!

Here is a short list of reminder resources we sometimes forget to turn to in times of faltering will:

1 – Get a partner or a group for support and accountability – this one is pretty well known as a technique to keep us motivated and back on track if we start to slip.  Even if that means quick texts to each other at the end of the day to check-in and keep on track.  Start a Meet Up group!

2 – Keep a journal and make progress entries every day.  These notes do not have to be a novella, but added to each day to represent each and every “now”.

3 – Find something fun about this resolution.  If there is nothing about it that feels fun, and mind you it might start to if you can keep it going, then perhaps a “reward” can be created like some exercise followed by some fun Youtube or internet perusal time.  The reward has to be something that does not undermine or defeat the resolution(s).

4 – Review goals and objectives and adjust as needed rather than drop the resolution.  Sometimes we set goals too high and lose momentum due to personal disappointment.

5 – Know that achieving part of a goal, or suffering a minor slip in the “now” does not mean that you have to give up.  Keep going.  Tomorrow is another “now” when you get there.

6 – Stay mindful and focused.  Take personal satisfaction in staying committed.  That is an accomplishment in itself.

7 – Work on your resolutions for the right reasons, because what you have decided as a resolution is a healthy form of self-expression.  Meaning that you goal is helping you be the best, healthiest and brightest you can be.

8 – Do not make your resolution an “obsession” at the expense of common sense or other important priorities in life. 

9 – Know that when you work on yourself in this manner you also help others by example.  We all need an inspiration.  Find an inspiration and be an inspiration.