Policies & Disclaimer

Policies and Procedures for CelaPhontus, LLC

Definition of terms:

  • CelaPhontus means (“CP”).
  • Client Company means (“Organization”).
  • Enrollee/Attendee means (“Participant”).
  • Consulting client means (“Client”).
  • Scope: Workshops, Seminars, Speaking Engagements, Private Consultations

1. Payment Policy for Organizations scheduling Workshops/Seminars/Speaking Engagements

Unless otherwise agreed to by both the Organization and CP in writing, one half the agreed upon fee is due upon contracting/registration for the event. The balance of the amount due will be paid two days prior to the workshop/seminar/speaking engagement if timing permits, otherwise no later than upon the day of the event.

2. Payment Policy for Public scheduling Workshops/Seminars/Speaking Engagements

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both the Participant and CP, payment in full is due upon registration
for the event.

3. Payment Policy for Private Consultations by Clients

Unless otherwise previously agreed to, payments for private consultations are to be paid in advance by mail or by PayPal.

4. Cancellation Policy for Organization Workshops/Seminars/Speaking Engagements

If CP Cancels an Organization Event:

An attempt will be made to reschedule at a mutually acceptable date and time. If a mutually acceptable date and time cannot be agreed upon by the CP and the Organization, then 75% of the initial payment will be refunded by CP.

If the Organization Cancels the Event:

CP will attempt to accommodate a rescheduling. If no mutually agreed upon date and time can be agreed upon, the half price payment made to CP will be forfeited and no further accommodation will be made.

If CP Cancels a Public Event:

CP will attempt to reschedule the event. In the event that rescheduling is not possible, CP will refund the payment made upon registration.

If a Participant Cannot Attend a Pre-Paid Public Event:

Such scheduled events will provide details for accommodation of early cancellation of the event. If canceling 3 days before the event or “no show”, no accommodation will be made for reimbursement of event fees.

If CP Cancels a Private Consultation:

Every possible accommodation will be made to reschedule the appointment at a future date convenient to the Client and CP. If no such rescheduling is possible, CP will refund the consultation fee.

If Client Cancels late (less than 24 hours notice) or is a No-Show for a Private Consultation:

Upon justifiable excuse, another session may be scheduled at no additional cost. If however, no such justifiable excuse is provided, the cost of the missed consultation is forfeited.

Privacy Policy

We at Celaphontus take your privacy very seriously. To that end, your information:

1. is stored in as secure a fashion as possible using industry-standard practices;
2. is never sold, given away, or otherwise disclosed to any third party, barring any legal obligations or compliance measures;
3. is only used to contact you regarding updates, events, and offers we may have available to you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


CelaPhontus, LLC is not affiliated with any other public or private company, organization, agency, or institution.

No legal services or psychological counseling is provided.

Any and all participation in any events or exercise occurring during a CelaPhontus, LLC presentation are entirely at the risk of the participant. CelaPhontus, LLC shall not incur any responsibility or liability and shall be held blameless for any such actions undertaken voluntarily by participants.

CelaPhontus, LLC provides no warranties or guarantees for services or products.