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Danute Debney Shaw as content provider for “Making Decisions Better With Dani” on the “myHealthyYou” App. Seen here speaking to the Director.

Danute Debney Shaw as content provider for “Making Decisions Better With Dani” on the “myHealthyYou” APP. Seen here speaking to the Director.

gabenelsoncfp Solopreneur Money Interview

Solopreneur Money Gabe Nelson Danute Debney Shaw

Gabe Nelson states: I had a great time chatting with Danute Debney Shaw on Episode No. 105 of the Solopreneur Money podcast about how to take that next great leap in your business and life.

Danute is the founder of Celaphontus, LLC, where she helps companies think about their decision strategy and innovation frameworks.

She’s also the author of How The Tin Man Found His Brain, and on the podcast, she walks us through the steps we can take to keep moving forward in business and life.

If you are feeling stuck or not quite sure which way to turn next, you won’t want to miss out on Danute’s sage tips on how to decide where to go from here.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What she’s working on recently
  • A case study
  • How to begin the next steps in your business
  • Going deeper
  • A personal anecdote
  • Why taking calculated risks is important
  • The money questions
  • …and much more!

To listen to Episode No. 105 of the Solopreneur Money podcast, check out this link:

“Compelling Conversation with Danute Debney Shaw”

Yahoo Money

Decision Strategy Innovator Provides Tips on Self-trust, Resilience and Potentials for Triumph in her new Self-Help/Business Book – As Mentioned In Yahoo Money

“Pausing to Breathe Before Acting”, Danute Debney Shaw of CelaPhontus Interviewed By Parveen Panwar of Thrive Global Magazine

“Danute Debney Shaw of CelaPhontus: Emotional Intelligence; What It Is, Why It Is So Essential, And How We Can Increase It” – As Published In Authority Magazine

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“Where Does Emotional Intelligence Fit Into Our Lives” – Presentation by Danute Debney Shaw


1 Million Cups Appearance Featuring Danute Debney Shaw

KKOB Radio Interview

Interview between Danute Debney Shaw and Jeffrey Candelaria of KKOB radio.


The interview was edited by Orion Prophet, Editing Engineer.

SmallBiz America Interview

Listen to the Managing Director’s further explanation of CelaPhontus in an interview by SmallBiz America, a nationally syndicated radio program: