What Others Have To Say

“Danute offers business and individual support. She is a problem solver, which is great to have when grappling with any transitions or new developments and challenges... Outstanding results! Highly recommended.”

A. B., Professional photographer, San Diego, California
We are incredibly grateful for your presentation yesterday and enjoyed your presence in our community. It was evident in the surveys that the key features and take always were well received...I appreciate your patience and enjoyed all that you had to share.

Super cool presentation — Thank You

In a two hour session, Danute intertwined her skills of practicality and intuition to lay an invaluable foundation for creating infrastructure within my family run and operated business. The lasting impacts from a two hour coaching session have sustained for the past three months, and have been imperative for our continued growth. We are so grateful for Danute's powerful ability to discern priorities and communicate her observations, knowledge, and wisdom in a tangible and effective way.

Oxygen Bar, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Danute has an uncanny ability to figure out and tell you the things you don't want to hear, but need to, in order for growth to happen. She gives concrete and achievable steps to help you get there.

J. B., Oasis Acupuncture, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Danute is a talented speaker with extensive experience and knowledge. She seeks to bring wisdom, insight, deeper learning and new perspectives to the attendees; inspiring people to think outside the box, to expand their horizons. I could tell that the attendees really enjoyed her engaging presentation.

C. S., Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
Danute has been extremely helpful in very difficult times for both my son and myself. Her unique listening skills and incisive ability to connect quickly, even telephonically rather than in person left me astounded. After 20 minutes of discussion on the phone, she managed to understand and describe the challenges my son was going through, that I, his loving mother of 14 years could not see. She also identified a proposed way for resolving some of these challenges, and such resolutions are indeed happening.

As for my personal case: her assessment of my situation; her suggestions for consideration, everything was accurate.

Mind blowing. Reassuring. Guiding. Energizing..

A. T., Foreign Press Corp Correspondent, Washington, DC
When I met Danute, I was very unsure of myself and my future. By taking the time to apply what insight I have gained during her coaching sessions, and seminars, I have made huge advances in my career, exceeding my own expectations. She opened a door that I didn't realize was right in front of me.

J. H., Project Manager, Bethesda, MD
A few times in our lifetime we meet people who have a positive, profound impact on our life decisions and choices. Danute Debney Shaw is one of the few people who has this inherent talent of connecting with people at a higher level...Through in-depth discussions with Danute, I have made life-changing decisions that have put me on the path for achieving my best.

B. R., Sales Representative, San Mateo, California
It was so good to meet you...It’s all been so encouraging and life affirming!... Thanks again for your insight and guidance. It has already shown itself to be extremely valuable.

E. G., Cancer Survivor, Richmond, VA