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“The Presence of Past Perfect – Love and Survival” (A story of internal resource, subjective power and the resilience of the human spirit.)

[The below is a story of personal, human interest. It highlights what the human spirit can accomplish in life when determined to do so and is willing to use all rational and subjective intelligence resources.] Recently I celebrated a birthday and the same weekend, the mementos of a long gone past arrived to wish me […]

What Is “Decision Strategy Innovation”?

The question does come up occasionally… As referred to in the work of CelaPhontus services, “decision strategy innovation” points to a particular, paradigmatic approach to thought and process development. It  incorporates rational, intuitive and creative skills, resulting in dynamic ways to engage challenges and opportunities. In short it is the “How” of getting things done […]

Creating Your Path

Much has been said about taking “paths” in life.  But after years of observation, it seems that the most satisfied and fulfilled people often create their own paths, and blaze their own trails.  No matter the obstacles… That’s not to say creating your own path means you have to carve it all out yourself of […]

The Benefits of Rejection

Rejection and the accompanying feelings of failure are not something anyone looks forward to in life, whether under professional or personal circumstances.  But, are we always able to see the implications?  The lesson?  The gift? Aside of comments like that of Groucho Marx, who has famously been quoted as saying he “would not want to be a member […]