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“How The Tin Man Found His Brain”


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“Where will you be when you discover that everything has changed?”  That’s what the advertisement said.  Can’t remember the product associated with the advertisement, which probably means it was catchy, however, not really effective for its purpose.  But, I still remember a woman floating in a pool of water and the view was of someone seeing her from directly above the pool…… Everything had changed…

It was only in the years that followed that I was to realize just how powerful that night’s experience was for me personally, and how much the realizations that came after that night, were to become a part of my work in life.

I was to explore and learn about how the way we choose to view our experiences: the way we allow ourselves to navigate or go through them, can not only be vastly different, but can make a vast difference in the potentials of the situations, as well as the outcomes……Between being a prisoner at war with the circumstances, or someone in the process of discovery and understanding.  This discovery and understanding allows for the birth of a new vision.  With that new vision come new options and sometimes the development of a whole new understanding.

…It was a “starry, starry, night”, reminiscent of the way Van Gogh must have seen it….  2:30 in the morning and here I was stepping out of the car to go to an Emergency Center.  This one was located in the Northeast Heights of the city, and the twinkling lights below, down toward the Valley were few and far between at this hour.  The darkness above had a certain kind of brilliance like velvety, deep blue ink dappled with specks of milky stars.  In New Mexico it always seem to feel like the sky was reaching down to kiss the land.  At night it feels even more so, like being in a Planetarium…

The scene inside was a bit surreal as well.  It was a modern building that appeared relatively new and spacious.  Strangely, the ER lights seemed to be out, except for a couple spotlights over the front desk, and not a soul was in the waiting area.  Approaching the desk, a lone hospital staff member checked-me-in asking me to sit down and wait.  It wouldn’t be long before a doctor could see me.  And, before having a chance to fully take in the surroundings, I was called back to the examining area……….


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